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Meet the Chairs

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Head Chair

My Name is Shrihaan

I am Shrihan Jha, a student currently studying at the Oberoi International School, JVLR. I study in the 9th grade and have an impeccable amount of interest in world matters, basically, the UN. It’s only been a year since I started to attend MUNs, but debates are something I have been doing since the 3rd grade.

I have always had an interest in debating, probably because I love arguing, whether it’s with my family or at a MUN conference. I love competition, which is why I love participating in MUNs, and I can assure you that even though I might be comparatively young, I will always make sure that you learn from me more than you would learn from anyone else! Additionally, I love basketball, food and wearing suits.

Finally, I find myself to be a really confident person, and that is why I would suggest that both, experienced and inexperienced delegates be extremely confident with whatever they speak and however they act, because even if you aren't sure about what to speak but you don't hesitate while you're saying it, you won't be able to fool the EB, but you might just influence the delegates around you!

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My Name is Dhana

I am Dhana (pronounced dzeinuh, they/she pronouns), and I am a 12th Grade Chinese-Spanish Filipino student from the Philippines who aspires to be a politician and to work in either the United Nations or Amnesty International someday. I started my MUN career last February 2021 during the near end of 10th Grade and have been to both 8 local and international MUNs as a delegate so far as of June 2023. This MUN will be the first to serve as a chair (interestingly, in a crisis committee). Outside of MUN, I like reading historical and political books, searching up random trivias, watching cartoons, learning languages, and creating all forms of art (literary, visual, performing, and musical art).

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