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Meet the Chairs

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Head Chair

My Name is Diksha

Hello, I'm Diksha, a 17-year-old science enthusiast currently studying at Queen Mary's School in Model Town. I have a deep passion for Model United Nations, and I'm thrilled to be chairing this MUN. In addition to my MUN involvement, I excel in debating and event organization. I aspire to pursue a career in law. When I'm not immersed in these activities, you'll find me indulging in my love for movies, particularly old crime and psychological thrillers – they never fail to captivate my imagination.

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My Name is Srika

"If you give up on your dreams then your dreams will give up on you"

 John Wooden Greetings, delegates, It gives me immense pleasure to serve as the co- chairperson for the International Court of Justice at Universal Diplomatic Model United Nations. I am from India, Bengaluru. I started MUNNING from 8th July 2022 and have fallen in love with Model UN. I find MUNS as a platform for learning and expressing views on one single topic. Your voices should be heard! As we come together to solve global issues, I hope that we, as your executive board, can provide you not only with a conference to remember but also leave you with the note that you, as delegates have thought us to never give up! Wishing all the very best to each and every delegate and I hope to see you in committee on the 11th and 12th of November! May the force be with you godspeed future leaders!

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My name is Navya

My name is Navya Pandey and I am from India. I am a high school student pursuing my studies in PCM stream. My hobbies include reading books, participating in MUNs and conferences, coding, doing research on astrophysics and quantum mechanics. My journey into the world of MUNs began with a simple curiosity about the world as I was doing research about unprivileged people and their lifestyle and have been planning to do something for their betterment in the future. I also work with some NGOS so that I can help the needy and unprivileged people however I can. Through participating in MUN conferences, I have gained a profound appreciation for the complexities of global issues, from climate change to human rights, and how the world's nations come together to address them. Together, through MUNs, we can be catalysts for positive change and uplift the underprivileged to create a brighter, more equitable future for all. At last I will say that the Model United Nations plays a crucial role in global development by equipping young people with the knowledge, skills, and motivation needed to address global challenges effectively. It fosters a culture of diplomacy, problem-solving, and collaboration, making it an invaluable tool for building a better and more sustainable world.

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